Friday, December 24, 2010


Here are some photos of my newest grand bebe Sophie. she is 9 months old. my little sweetie French American beauty, soon I will see her in person as she is living in Germany right now!!!

I hope everyone has a happy,merry Christmas!!! I have enclosed some pics of my pink feather tree sitting in my bedroom, ignore the surroundings lol I found an old easel top dresser at goodwill and I am going to redo it with a victorian decoupaged top, ivory bottom and new crystal knobs. what a

better way to spend a new year, decorating!!!

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  1. Jo Ann~ How could I not miss that darling Grand Dolls face, I bet you are just so anxious to get your arms around that little sweetheart~ Your feather tree is just out of this world, you sure have a magical touch. Please make sure when you see that baby girl you get lot's of pictures of the two of you~ Merry Christmas


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