Monday, December 13, 2010

I Found a Lovely Friend!!

Nita, a new friend that I discovered on blogs, is featuring me on her blog today. She did such a Nice job, I want everyone to visit her site at I so appreciate her kind words and beautiful photos...


  1. Look at this pretty little thing!!!! Thanks for letting me show off your creations...they look pretty good over there on my blog....don't they?
    Very happy to have made you as a new friend too. I will be ordering something. I have a job interview this afternoon....the first of several. If I get this could be very very cool....very have your fingers crossed for me.

  2. Sweet. You certainly deserve the extra attention. Congratulations to you.

  3. Hello,just found you from modvintagelife, and so glad I did- your work is amazing!!!! Heading right over to etsy.

  4. Hi JoAnne, I recently discovered Nita over at Mod Vintage Life, and I realy like her blog! She is so creative and fun. This is how I found you, and I must say, I absolutely LOVE your creations!!!! They are delightful!!!
    ~ Violet

  5. Thanks for suggesting Ebay for the deer. I went to look at them immediately. They are very cute.


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