Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Trees !!!

Here are some photos of my Christmas trees, nothing better to bring out the holiday spirit. I have twiggy green tree in the kitchen surrounded by my santa collection(at least some of it lol), a pink feather tree in the bedroom, an iridescent ivory tree in the living room and a green tree  in living room.  Enjoy!! Merry Christmas JoAnn

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  1. Darling little trees. Thanks for telling me to come by. I have been gone so much that I have not been able to go by my favorite blogs of late. Thanks for your kind thoughts for me. So many have been so kind to me and kept me in their minds this holiday season.

    I am doing ok. I don't have a single Christmas thing up in my house. It just was not possible and that is so unlike me. I kept thinking I'd at least get the tree out and just put it up with lights only....but it just did not happen. I worked till 2am several nights this week and on the other nights...I went to visit a friend who just lost her old cat and another that just needed to spend time with me. So my decorations just did not happen.

    I love all your pretty scrap ornaments and all the other things you create. Have a Very Merry Christmas.


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