Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Easter Stuff!!! and Sophies first birthday

Little Sophies first birthday today and she is spending it in Paris with her other grandparents as her dad is in the field in germany training nato troops She is sooooo cute!!!

please ignore the stupid photobucket square I can't seem to get rid of it,grrrrrr

here are some sweet spring things I have been working on, some are on etsy, some gone to customers.lately I always seem to be behind lol. I hope you enjoy!!! the torn sheet music is from a copy of a vintage copy of The Easter Parade by Irving Berlin, very appropriate I think!!

I dropped my camera so some of these shots are a little dark while I learn the new tricks of my new one. Its really a lot better than old one I just dont know how to use it yet lol.

As for me I have been going to Physical Therapy and taking strong pain pills for spinal stenosisk,and spurs and discs and osteoporosis.....but I am still going......My motto is Never Give Up keep going.

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