Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flea Market Sundays means More Give Aways!!!

choose a favorite mask and you may WIN!!! Are you a Romantic who loves Black and Pink? Perhaps a classic lover ? choose Black and White!!

If you love the Funky side of Life choose Lime green Mask!! The Mysterious side of life requires the Black mask!! A true sweet personality must have the Pink Mask!!!

Leave a comment with your choice and you may win your favorite mask filled with birds,butterflies, ribbons, pearls and flowers, plus feathers!! Hubby will be picking a name this Wednesday.

this Giveaway is being hosted by Sadie at Lollishops so go visit to win other great items. I hope YOU win!!!


  1. Oooh la la! I'd love the pink mask, thanks! :)
    Best wishes.

  2. Of coarse I would love to win the pink mask, but they are all just lovely.
    xxoo Valarie

  3. Oh my goodness these are so adorable! What a lovely giveaway! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Those are so sweet, I love the black and white one with the white bird.
    How fun.
    come by and enter my giveaway.
    Have a wonderful sunday
    Cari b.

  5. How beautiful they are... it would be hard to choose... Id have to leave it up to you!

  6. Oh my goodness, gracious! That pink one is to die for! Lovely!!

  7. Pink and black please! Although I do like the lime and block too. This would be perfect for my Halloween costume- Marie Antoinette! Great giveaway-thanks!

    Tartdeco at gmail dot com

  8. Adorable...absolutely adorabel. I love adore the lime green mask. Thank. Cory.Dogwood

  9. So, fun! But I have to say that I LOVE the black mask with the green feather and pink rose. Love it, and it would be darling by my new mirror!!

  10. Absolutely stunning creations! I would have to choose the first black would be amazing by my dressing table!

  11. Joann!
    Truly, these are ALL just gorgeous!!! I absolutely LOVE them ALL! And, I couldn't pick IF I won! You would have to do it for me!

    Oh,,please ENTER me,,,and I am SO going back to my blog to post about your exquisite giveaway!

    Hope you are well, and doing what you LOVE to do!

    Big hugs and a "Bus" on the cheek for one of my favorite Blog friends!! If no one has told you today,,You are the BEST! No "fluff," my friend, I MEAN it!

    Post on the 13th if you want to enter my fun/candid giveaway! "I'll show you MINE, if you show me Yours!" HA!

  12. Oh my these are the prettiest masks ever!! I do love pink so I thing the pink one would have to be my choice!!

    bee blessed

  13. Oh no! They're all so beautiful... I can't pick just one. Or can I?

    My favorite is probably the classical Black and White. (The pink one is cute too, but I can't see when I'd use it...)

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  14. Sweet Shell at BungalowBling is such a darling, letting us know about your exquisite talent . . . all the masks are soooo wonderful, but I'm really into classic black (have a mannequin who would look totally in the spirit of Halloween with that one!). Thanks for sharing,


  15. shell at bungalow bling talked so nicely of you that i think WE should be best friends.

    let's start our relationship with me winning the pale pink, gorgeous mask:)

    i'm a follower as of tonight, too.
    you sound like someone i would like to get to know!

  16. oh the black and white with the bird is my fav! Beautiful! Shelly sent me over! So great to see your Wonderful work!


Comments appreciated and welcomed~JoAnn