Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alice In Wonderland having Tea

What better place to have afternoon tea than in a vintage sugar bowl. This was so much fun to make and I didnt want to ignore the cover to the sugar bowl so I tied it on with silk ribbon. A great collectible!! see it on etsy holidayfrivolities.etsy.com


  1. Okay missy, I've called the Alice Intervention Hotline,,,,,they'll be knocking at your door any minute! Just kidding! Very cute. I love everything you do!

    I'm working on a Wedding topper today. Covered in glitter! Ackkk!Hopefully will finish it tomorrow!

    I got a "facelift" today, stop by my blog and see!

    Hugs and happy crafting,,,,


  2. Would you believe I actually never read Alice in Wonderland? All I know is that she goes down a hole, gets really tiny, and sees all kinds of whacky stuff! Maybe it's time I cracked open the book; or at least, watched the movie!


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