Friday, January 15, 2010

A piece for Disney museum in San Francisco

This piece was so much fun to work on.The designer of the Disney museum in San Francisco, which is at the Presidio asked me to design two pieces for their shop. The first was done in pastels, the second in primary colors.


  1. I just found your blog and am sitting here with my jaw on the ground. These are truly the most beautiful creations I have seen. I know what I will be spending my Birthday money on!! Love everything, can't wait for Easter to be in your Etsy shop. Have a lovely day.
    xxoo Valarie

  2. I have a quick question...would you care if I blogged about your amazing creations on my Blog?? I would love to put some of your pictures on if it is okay, I am just so enamored, I want everyone to come visit you.

  3. Hi Valarie, go ahead i would appreciate it, I am new to this so any publicity i can get i will take, mostly i sell wholesale but would like to start selling retail from home.


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